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I have always had a love for art.  It is an expression.  There are so many emotions that can be felt or expressed when not only creating a piece of art but also by looking at it and admiring a particular style.  A bond between a person and a piece of art can become emotional.  
I take pride in my style of can call it "Henry style".  I am drawn to black and grey and I really love Chicano style.  I am a self taught artist with a father that loved art and related to the Maglingers who are famous for their paintings so it's in my blood.  

I can create any idea or thought into a beautiful piece of art.  So if you have an idea, get hold of me or stop in the shop.  
I have been working on the "Henry style" ever since I was big enough to hold a pencil or crayon.  And the learning will always continue.  Art is one thing in this world that cannot be mastered.  I am working hard to learn all that I can about realism.  That is where my true love is.
I am big in recovery and seeing people make a change in their lives.  To honor that, I am more than happy to cover your scars from the past without judgement. 
If you're looking for an artist that can relate to just about anything because I've been there and I'll never forget where I came from, I am your guy.  
Thank you all for your support.  All artists have a learning phase and clients that agreed to be a part of our learning phase of tattooing outside of a shop setting.  But when it comes to choosing a licensed artist, be sure you can have a Client/Artist bond.  Because if they care enough to listen, then you know they care enough about you to make sure you leave with their best work.  GOD BLESS!!!!
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