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Caring for Your New Tattoo

It is essential your new tattoo is kept clean, allowed to breathe, and the skin kept slightly moist during the healing process. We have outlined the general instructions on caring for your tattoo.


  • Wash the tattooed area, 3-4 times a day, using your hand with warm water; Let your tattoo dry naturally.


  • With clean hands, apply a small amount (creating a thin layer) of anti-bacterial ointment 3-4 times a day until peeling begins.


  • Once peeling begins, continue to wash your tattoo as instructed and once dry, apply an lotion in place of the ointment.


  • Do not swim, soak in a hot tub, or take a bath for two weeks after getting your tattoo. Also, avoid tanning.


  • Do not scratch your tattoo; It will itch during the healing process. This process can last up to two weeks.



What to Expect After Your Tattoo

  • A tattoo causes trauma to your body. Depending on the placement, the size, and an individual’s hygiene, and daily activities, healing is different for everyone. Because a tattoo is an open wound they are susceptible to infections, it is best to follow the aftercare instructions listed above to lower your risk of problems during the healing process.

  • You should expect your new tattoo to be red, irritated, swollen, and possibly bruised. These are normal reactions to the tattoo area. Usually, you can anticipate 1 to 3 days for red or irritated skin to subside. If swelling or bruising occurs, this could last for up to a week, especially if tattooed in a sensitive area such as the feet.

  • Scabbing is a result of the body’s healing process. For some, your tattoo may have some scabbing. If you experience any scabbing, it is imperative that you do not pick at it. Let the scab fall off naturally.

  • During the final stages of the healing process, typically 3 to 10 days you can expect the skin to start to flake and peel. It is imperative that you do not pick or scratch at the area, this could remove ink from the tattoo and damage it. A light slap, preferable over clothed skin, will give you relief when itching occurs.

  • If a touch up on your tattoo is needed, our artists will complete at no additional charge, as long as you return within the first 30 days. If you are not in the area during this time frame or you are not healed, please contact us to explain your circumstance, and we would be happy to work with you.

Touch ups are Tuesday – Thursday only


Caring for Your New Piercing


It is imperative for new piercings to have proper aftercare during the healing process. Not doing so can delay the healing time by months or sometimes years, do not take it lightly. Below we have outlined the general things you should do as well as things you should not be when caring for your piercing.



  • Reduce pain and swelling: Ice combined with Ibuprofen will help alleviate pain and swelling- Ibuprofen should be used as directed on bottle. Ice should be covered with a clean cloth.

  • Before cleaning or handling your new piercing - wash your hands.

  • Clean piercing regularly: The piercing should be cleaned 3-4 times a day – We suggest using unscented antibacterial soap and an after piercing care solution.  (Do NOT use – Neosporin, Vaseline, Alcohol, or Peroxide).

  • Check jewelry daily: While cleaning your piercing, you should check that jewelry is secure.  Check your balls!

  • Avoid overly touching the piercing: Never play with your piercing jewelry or touch it with dirty hands – this can cause irritation or infection.

  • Avoid pools, lakes and, oceans while it is healing.

  • Changing your jewelry: You should wait until it’s no longer tender before your jewelry is changed out.



***Do NOT remove your jewelry if you suspect infection. Irritation can be mistaken for infection. The jewelry must remain in to allow drainage. If you have any concerns, please call us immediately: 270-314-6718


Cleaning Instructions by Piercing Type


  • Tongue Piercings: Every time you eat or drink (besides water), smoke anything, kiss, or put anything in your mouth: you should rinse with (NON-ALCOHOL) Mouthwash.

  • Lip Piercings: as mentioned above, but also clean around the ball on outside with an after piercing care solution on clean Q-Tip.  Check your balls!

  • All Other Piercings: Clean around the ball with an after piercing care solution and clean Q-Tip. AVOID USING FINGERS!


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